First Lady of Colombia

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Lina Maria Moreno de Uribe, First Lady of Colombia

Lina Moreno de Uribe, First Lady, Colombia

Lina Moreno de Uribe, First Lady, Colombia

Lina Maria Moreno de Uribe was born in Medellín, capital of Antioquia Department, Colombia. Arts graduate who studied anthropology and literature, has accompanied her husband, Alvaro Uribe Velez, in a brilliant public career in which he has been Head of Property of Public Enterprises of Medellín, Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour , Director of Civil Aviation, Mayor of Medellin, the city councilman, governor of Antioquia, Senator and President of the Republic of Colombia.

This scenario has involved the important challenge of assuming a leadership that involves work undertaken, approaches based on sound and effective actions that support the development and implementation of government policies.

Currently chairs the work of the Presidential Council for Special Programs, established on 5 March 2003 with the aim of supporting the national government in achieving social policy goals put forward in the National Development Plan. In this context, leads the Program for Promotion of Human Rights and Peace-building networks, “which seeks to influence the improvement of living conditions of adolescents, in order to contribute to the decline in teenage pregnancies. From the Office of Disability Support manages the donation of technical aids and the establishment of support networks, designed to promote social inclusion processes for people with disabilities. Account Managers with Social Network as interactive and dynamic tool aimed at modifying the management in different regions of the country carry the spouses of governors, so that they become a bridge to articulate the Government and Civil Society. Additionally, calls the will of national and international donors about the need to improve the educational infrastructure of municipalities. Finally, as a means of promoting the rights of children, promotes the celebration of Day of the Child and Recreation and directs the program “The Value of the Word”, which aims to strengthen students’ reading comprehension Fourth and fifth grade, and contribute to the formation of values that promote the exercise of responsible citizenship.

In research, conducted a pilot qualitative approach of canned soup kitchen and its producers, aimed at preserving the traditions of regional culture.

Lina Doña Maria is a member of the boards of the Human Tissue Foundation, the Foundation Batuta, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, Fundalectura and Project Committees for National Brand. Additionally, Honorary President of FIDES and Diplomatic Ladies Association.