Donald Trump Wants Space Army

Aug 8, 2017 | Category: Guest Posts

There is no telling what Donald Trump will come up with next. But his latest demand for the creation of a space army has left the entire world stunned.

Reportedly, the President of the United States of America has asked the Pentagon to build a “space force” that will be a testament to American power. He wants this force to prove that America is dominant even outside the Earth’s atmosphere. However, the question is, if Donald Trump wants space army, can we have it?

What is this about?

In a meeting of the National Space Council, Donald Trump announced that his country did not want to be led by other countries like China and Russia for matters related to space. He wants to be in charge of the extra-terrestrial domain by establishing a new military segment.

For Trump, the formation of a space army is a step in the right direction. He believes that this move would help America regain its status as the best space-faring nation in the world. He explains that the country had held itself when it came to exploring the outer space for a long time because of politics and bureaucracy, and it is now time that they step forward again.

The spirit of exploring new frontiers is the essence of America, and Trump wants to make sure that it is not tied down. There is a lot to discover beyond the Earth. Not only will this venture help America re-establish their national identity, but it will also help improve national defence, according to Trump. In his own words, he wants American dominance even in space because mere presence is not powerful enough when it comes to defence.


Whenever Mr Trump has brought this matter up in the past, he has repeatedly been opposed. Defence Secretary, James Mattis made it clear to the Republicans in Congress that he was not supportive of such introducing this service when the Department of Defence is trying to integrate joint warfighting functions. US Air Force Chief of Staff, General David Goldfein, also does not support the creation of a new space branch. Heather Wilson, who is the Air Force Secretary, fears that this move might be unnecessarily bureaucratic.

Since the United States is a member of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, it is not allowed to install mass destruction weapons in space. The treaty only allows countries to have a presence on celestial bodies for developmental or peaceful reasons.

If Trump wants to create a space force, then he would need to get his budgetary ideas approved by the Congress body. Unfortunately for him, the Congress is divided in their opinions regarding his space force. Bill Nelson, a Democratic senator, took to Twitter to express his disapproval. He believes that Trump should not mess with the Air Force at a time when so many missions are underway.

Trump wants his country to have a long-term presence in space. He wants to make sure that the foundation for America’s space mission to Mars is solid. However, he is failing to consider the big picture. The consequences of a space army can be devastating for America’s relationship with other countries.