First Lady of Mauritius

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Sarojini Ballah, First Lady of Mauritius

Sarojini Ballah, First Lady of Mauritius

Sarojini Ballah, First Lady of Mauritius

Sarojini Ballah, The Hon. Lady Jugnauth (born:सरोजिनि बल्लह) is the actual First Lady of Mauritius due to her marriage to the actual President Sir Anerood Jugnauth and also held the office of Premier’s Lady while her husband was in office of Prime Minister twice, once from 1982 to 1995 and secondly from 2000 to 2003. Her Husband being the most famous politician in the country, she is often praised for her support and care for her party.

Sarojini Ballah was born in a typical poor hindu family from Mauritius. Her birth date was never confirmed by her but is indeed expected to be 68 as it was announced that she is 11 years younger than her husband who is actually 79. She made her studies and later became a teacher and remained one until her retirement time arrived.

She stayed and work as a teacher while standing aside her husband during early elections of 1976 where they were defeated and always support her husband being Leader of Opposition. She never made an official announcement of her political career but mostly is known for her social aid during her husband being in office.

Sarojini Ballah married Sir Anerood Jugnauth on the 18th of December 1957 and she is the mother of two children: Shalini (now Mrs. Malhotra) and Pravind (former Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Economic Development). She is the grandmother of five grandchildren: Anusha, Divya, Sonika, Sonali and Sara.

Lady Jugnauth took the keys of the Château of Réduit (Reduit Palace), the very known old mansion on 7 September 2003 and became the hostess and lady of the house. She never stays there but always makes it more beautiful and decorates it every day.