Queen of Netherlands

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Beatrix, Queen of Netherlands

Note: On April 30, 2013 Queen Beatrix signs the instrument of abdication and Crown Prince Willem-Alexander becomes king.

Beatrix, Queen of Netherlands

Beatrix, Queen of Netherlands

Beatrix was born on january 31 1938 as the first child of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernard. She has 3 younger sister: Margriet, Irene and Christina.

She married Claus von Amsberg in 1966 and they have 3 sons: Willem Alexander, Johan Friso and Constantijn. Willem Alexander is crown-prince and will succeed his mother in time.

On April 30 1980 she was crowned Queen of the Netherlands.
She lives in the Hague at palace “Huis ten Bosch”

Constitutional status
The Government consists of the sovereign and the Cabinet ministers. Since 1848, the constitution has laid down that the King is inviolable and that the ministers bear responsibility for affairs of government, which means that they are answerable to parliament for all legislation.

The Queen is closely involved in the formation of a new government. After a general election, she consults the vice-president of the Council of State, the speakers of both houses of parliament, the leaders of the political parties represented in the Lower House and sometimes distinguished elder statesmen known as the ministers of state, and then proceeds to appoint formateurs and informateurs to form a new government on the basis of the election results. When the political parties reach agreement on the policies to be pursued by the new government, she appoints and swears in the ministers and state secretaries.

“Queensday” is always a big celebration in Holland. It’s a national holiday. Schools are closed and there are always many festivities all over the country. The Queen visits to places in Holland which is broadcast on television. Formerly “Queensday” was on the queens birthday (queen Juliana) but when she was crowned Beatrix proclaimed that Queensday would still be celebrated at April 30th as a tribute to her mother.

“Princesday” At the official opening of parliament on the third Tuesday of September (Prinsjesdag), the Queen rides in the Golden Coach from Noordeinde Palace to the Binnenhof. A plenary session of both Houses of the States General is held in the Knights’ Hall, during which the Queen delivers the Speech from the Throne in which the government announces its policy plans for the coming year.

The Queen is particularly interested in sculpture, painting, ballet and music. She regularly visits exhibitions and attends performances, and she enjoys talking to the artists themselves. She takes a great personal interest in awarding the annual Royal Grant for Painting.

The Queen, as guest curator of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, selected works from the museum collection to form an exhibition, which was held from 9 December 2000 to 4 February 2001.