The Importance of a Strong Leader Name

Jul 7, 2020 | Category: Guest Posts

A name isn’t just a name, it’s much more. A name reflects values, creates associations, and evokes emotions. There are many examples of strong names, both on brands, organizations, celebrities, including world leaders, and their names might hold a larger meaning than you initially think.

These names have a strong significance and a lot of positive and/or negative connotations attached to them. Some people use the name, they were given at birth, and have not picked out a different name for themselves. This is probably not a random choice but something that was given thought to. Whether you use your given birth name or choose a new one, the branding of a name is very important.

Make a name for yourself

Take Barack Obama, for example. He is the former president of the United States of America – one of the biggest leading positions in the world. He held a position way beyond just being the president of his country. He has also operated on the global scene as an important part of the world economy, peace, and warfare. Everybody knows Obama’s name and most people have positive associations with it.

After being elected president and making a name for himself, he created The Affordable Care Act to provide health insurance for Americans. While this name probably was a carefully conducted business name and a name that tells us something about what the act is all about, the act became widely known as “Obamacare” instead. The former president and his ideology and values were so present in this act and his name so strong that “Obamacare” became a preferred worldwide term. The strength of his name and his involvement meant that people would rather name this act after him than its original name.

What can a good name do?

While the example with former president Obama focused a lot on his effect on the name of the act, other times it is the name itself that holds the power. A well-thought-out name can have a large effect on a business because it can express your business’ values. It is something that should be taken into account when creating and naming a business. This is important regardless of if it’s a new product or service or personal branding like politicians and celebrities, who are making a business of themselves. Furthermore, it should be easy to remember, not be too similar to other names, and very importantly hold a connotation that fits your values.

One to remember

There have now been two presidents after Obama. But he is still an important figure, whose name is often mentioned. We all remember everything he has done in the past, and how he was a fresh breath for the United States. As the first black president, he already made history just by being elected, but he still made a name for himself with all his actions in his time as president. The name Obama also relates to Barack Obama’s wife and former First Lady, Michelle Obama, who put a lot of effort and time into improving education for young women.

There is no denying that a strong name is important when you are in the right position. People, businesses, and organizations spend a lot of time trying to find the right name that fits their personal preferences as well as their core values. That’s why you should reflect on the meaning and connotations of the name you end up choosing.