First Lady of Uruguay

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María Auxiliadora Delgado, First Lady of Uruguay (since Mar 1, 2015)

María Auxiliadora Delgado, First Lady of UruguayShe was born in the neighborhood “La Teja” of Montevideo . Being the youngest of 11 siblings, Maria Auxiliadora lost his father at 3 years of age and three older sisters later took the family to his brothers and his mother. Mary Help lived nearby who would be her husband and one of the politicians most important of Uruguay, Tabare Vazquez , who was the first leftist president (2005-2010).

He worked in the Retirement and Pension University Professionals in the Procedures and Records section, until he retired in 1992 with the rank of department head. And by that time her husband was mayor of Montevideo.

As a faithful Catholic, Mary Help collaborated with parishes and families in need. Their neighbors describe it as a simple woman, now dedicated to household chores.

With President Tabare Vazquez will concocieron a cookout school Salesian neighborhood “La Teja”. They have 4 children (one adopted ) and 11 grandchildren.
As First Lady has shown little public events and never gave an interview to the press. The only official activity delegated by President Tabare Vazquez was to represent him at the funeral of Pope John Paul II in April 2005, where he attended accompanied by his son Alvaro.


Lucía Topolansky, Former First Lady of Uruguay

Lucía Topolansky, First Lady of Uruguay

Lucía Topolansky, First Lady of Uruguay

Lucía Topolansky is a Uruguayan Senator, wife of Uruguay’s President José Mujica and the First Lady of Uruguay.

During her childhood she studied in the College Sacré Cœur de las Hermanas Dominicas in Montevideo with her twin sister. She then entered the Instituto Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo and there she become part of the guild of students.

She has been associated with the Movement of Popular Participation (MPP) for many years, linked with the guerilla movement the Tupamaros.

She is married to José Mujica who is the President of Uruguay and a former Senator, Agriculture Minister and MPP leader.

She served as a Deputy for Montevideo from 2000 to 2005. She subsequently became a Senator. In the Uruguayan general election, 2009 she received the highest number of votes for Senator, being the leader of the 609 list.