First Lady of Zambia

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Esther Lungu, First Lady of Zambia (since Jan 25, 2015)

Esther Lungu

Thandiwe Banda, Former First Lady of Zambia

Thandiwe Banda, First Lady of Zambia

Thandiwe Banda, First Lady of Zambia

I am a history and political science teacher with a passion for safe motherhood. I am sensitive about the well-being of mothers across the nine provinces of Zambia, and to that end I have committed myself to pursuing improved health among both home-makers and professional women.

In this age of HIV and AIDS and related health challenges, I am involved in efforts to enhance the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT). I remain grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV and AIDS (OAFLA) and the Campaign on Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa (CARMMA).

Apart from that, I have the privilege of working with several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and corporate bodies in meeting the pressing needs of women and girls. We are partnering in the areas of education, water and sanitation and related areas.

Of special concern to me is the question of food security in the households across the nine provinces of our great nation. In the rural areas, about 60 per cent of agricultural production comes from the hands of hard-working mothers. This is one of the reasons why I strongly believe that economically empowering women and providing them with access to land ownership will be a major step towards attaining safe motherhood.

As a holder of an advanced diploma in information technology studies from Edith Cowan University of Australia, and as one who reads a lot, I am sensitive about the information needs of the women of Zambia. An informed woman is able to make meaningful decisions for the wellbeing of her household and the entire society benefits from that.

Women in income generation at all levels need access to means of acquiring and relaying information so that they may take advantage of business opportunities. I am a strong believer in women networking with women.

We who are mothers know how to plan for our households, we know how to conserve and how to sow for tomorrow. To crown all that, we are driven by love for our husbands and children because we love unconditionally.

It is with these matters in mind that I am working with women of all classes to see to it that the under-privileged and deprived woman is uplifted and given hope.

There is hope for every woman in Zambia.