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Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala

President of Guatemala

Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala (elected on Oct 25, 2015.¬†Wins 67.4% of the vote. Turnout is 56.3%) Morales formally changed his name by deed poll in 2011. He comes from a poor family and is an Evangelical Christian. He holds degrees in Business Administration from the national Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and...Read More »

Sandra Torres, First Lady of Guatemala

First Lady of Guatemala

Ana Fagianni de Maldonado, First Lady of Guatemala since Sept 2, 2015 (wife of¬†Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre) Sandra Torres, Former First Lady of Guatemala Along with her husband, President Alvaro Colom, she is being investigated for corruption and her direct involvement in the assassinations of prominent business man Khalil Musa, his daughter Marjorie Musa and...Read More »